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tab fee

  • 5 August 2022
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On my last bill I was charged the tab fee of $30, according to my tab record on July 13, the tab fee was $0. July 13 was included in the my last month’s billing date. 
mid someone could look into this I would greatly appreciate it. 

Thank you in advance,


5 replies

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Your billing date was Jul13? If so, this month bill wasn't generated yet (until aug13). Could you recheck the pdf bill and see if that was the last amount in your Tab payment (check the page 3 please).


According to the tab history, there was no charge for July 13, the last billing statement was for June 18-july 17, therefor I feel there was a mistake on my bill. 

Thanks again, 


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As seen on the top right of that second picture, that bill is for June 18th to July 17th, which would include the July 13th tab charge. The next bill shouldn’t have the tab charge anymore.

Excellent, totally misread it… thank you 😊