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Tab contribution towards purchase of a new phone

I have two phone accounts (Family plan) under my name. My current tab stands at -60 and -50. Can I get a 90 (150-60) +100 (150-50) = 190 tab credit towards the purchase of a new phone? Thanks

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EDIT.... nvm... See Robert's answer below
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Starting October 20th, 2013, customers must pay off their outstanding tab balance before upgrading. We are doing this to comply with the CRTC's new wireless code. Customers have two options when paying off their negative Tab: 1. At the till (cash, credit, debit) i) Only available at Koodo shops, not retailer locations. 2. By applying their full negative Tab balances to their next bill: i) Available at retailer and Koodo shop locations. ii) Can be completed via Self Serve (not the Self Serve app) iii) Customers can upgrade their phones as soon as their outstanding tab balance has been applied to their bill. In other words, you can no longer stack negative Tab balances so what you said would not be valid.
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...not a family plan
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Each tab is for their own devices. Tabs can never be combined to purchase one phone https://d1qy7qyune0vt1.cloudfront.net/koodo-en/attachment/1_inline.bmp