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Switching to Koodoo and keeping number

Called to switch over to Koodo. Got some song and dance about how I have to call my present provider and get an unlock code. I've NEVER had to do this and I've switched from company to company 3 times. What is the person talking about????

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Normally all phones are locked so you must find you code to use it with another sim card. But If you phone is already unlocked you have just to active your line in a Koodo Store and they will transfer your number in same time like you done the last 3 times.
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Hello Pidge, Thanks for considering Koodo. If you want to use the same phone you have right now to Koodo, you must check out switch2koodo.com and see if your phone will work on our network. If it does, you need to ensure that your phone is unlocked (unless its a new telus smartphone). If you plan on buying a koodo phone, no sweat. You do not have to get your phone unlocked. Just come in and get a phone. Hope this helps and welcome to the community.