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Switching from Bell

  • 26 November 2020
  • 3 replies

My girlfriend as mentioned in a previous question will be switching and going under my account. She wants to transfer her number over so that it doesn’t change, when she picks that option, will her current phone be effected by that? Will she lose calls/texts or anything like that? Or is it only once she fully switches that the calls and texts will come to the new phone?

3 replies

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New texts and calls will come to the new Koodo sim only once you port her number over in self serve (do not do this until you get the new koodo phone/sim.

Is she wants to move her info over from her old phone, she can do that during the setup of the new phone.

Note that special apps like Whatsapp does not store messages in the cloud and needs to be backed up and restored in that individual app’s setting.  But normal texts and calls should be able to move over during set up.

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I'd be cautious about selecting the option to port over a number during sign up. You can port over a number at any time after the phone is activated, provided the old account is still active at the time. Everything will probably go smoothly either way, but why take the chance that there's a hiccup.

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Also, before activate or order her line, use their Refer a friend program.