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Suspicious Phone Calls

I just received a long distance call 949-731-2424 from California. The person on the line claimed to be a Microsoft representative. He said he was calling about my computer. There was a lot of background noise, like people talking, and the connection was not very good; so I hung up. The entire call sounded suspicious. I was wondering if other Koodo customers have received such calls.

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Not on Koodo, but yes it is common unfortunately to receive fraudulent calls. Most originate from Nigeria and they usually spoof a US number. They'll claim something is wrong with your computer, ask for your credit card so they can fix it. NEVER GIVE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER to any caller, never give them your name or any private information, in fact you're best off to hang up on them right away.
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Report to Phonebusters
Thanks for your reply. I received another call from the same source. Impossible to call source because line is always busy.