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Surely you must have a link for service interruptions and outages to be posted. Do you?

Some time ago I was surprised to discover that I couldn't send an MMS with Wi-Fi only. Then today I was surprised to discover that the network can't send my MMS message. Now I am surprised to discover that KOODO hasn't given a web page to such events, for customers to discover the truth about the service interruption that they suspect prevents their mobile from behaving as it should. Instead I was directed to this forum. Hint to KOODO - This is an opportunity for communication and customer service improvement 😉

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@BLewis There is no outage in the Guelph area that we are aware of. What error message are you getting when trying to send an MMS?
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There is a department in customer service that handles outage reports.
But it is more likely that you are having phone troubles and not network problems.
You should let us know what error you are getting and what steps you are taking to send your MMS.