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Super Phone - SGS2X

Awesome move bringing the Samsung S2X T989D to Koodo mobile! What most of you don't realize is the S2X has dual channeling data and I believe it's the only phone in Canada to utilize this technology... so what does this mean you ask? It means your handset is nearly LTE like in terms of data speeds (download) and you don't need to wait a decade for LTE to roll out to your area which may never happen for some of us! It's got a weaker signal for rural folk like me compared to past koodo smartphone but if you can get sufficient signal to satisfy yourself with minimal no network time then this phone is a huge upgrade for anybody! ICS breathes new life to what a battery can do running this much processor power so you'll have the power to use that amazing camera (8mp) and camcorder (1080P) amongst your lightning fast data vs your friends on other phones! Everything works amazing fast gps/bluetooth/wifi/data connectivity when going on/off, (add a data toggle) add in flashplayer with a desktop browser and you got yourself a phone/computer with nearly no limitations. Video calling works great too from the 2mp front camera. Probably the best phone you can get with a really nice koodomobile plan that never is remotely close to offered on subsidized contract phones that give you less plan, same or more phone cost up front, and three years of wishing you could change as things change for the better. (plan or phone) Not sure why telus would remove this from their line-up other than the signal mention because overall this phone is kind of in a league of it's own and offers non-urban Canadians something nearing LTE which would otherwise never happen for the rural life. Interesting to see if it helps in the big city as much?

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It is indeed a great phone and the price is awesome. Telus was selling refurbished units just a couple of months ago for $400! http://mobilesyrup.com/2012/04/13/telus-offers-up-refurbished-galaxy-s-ii-x-nexus-s-and-iphone-4s/ As far as signal strength, I know this may look gimmicky but you never know it may help: http://www.squidoo.com/ag-cell-phone-antennas