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Subscription to Text Offers

  • 17 April 2019
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Is there a way for me to check if I am still subscribed to text offers? I honestly don't remember if I unsubscribed at some point in the past and so I went through Self-Serve to see if I could find something to check or uncheck to re-subscribe to text offers, if I had unsubscribed in the past.

I heard that sending a DM via Twitter might help - but I haven't heard back yet - so I thought I'd try asking here too!

I've been reading lately that Koodo has been sending out text offers but haven't received any of them - I'd be happy to help switch some folks over to Koodo with these recent offers if I can! 🙂

5 replies

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Sending a DM via twitter is the right step. You just need to wait for their reply.
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If you used your Self Serve email address here, maybe one of the "helpful" reps will see this thread and check your account.
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@ben.to You are not unsubscribed from anything right now.
Thanks for replying!

Koodo responded but didn't specifically answer my query about whether I'm still subscribed to text offers or whether I need to re-subscribe:

"From time-to-time we send out special offers to select existing customers. If you didn't receive the same offer as a friend or family member this time, don’t worry, you might be one of the lucky ones next time around! Remember to log into your Self Serve account to see if there's any offers already loaded on your account. Check the top right side of the screen for a notification. http://www.koodo.com/self-serve -Alexa"

I already combed through my self-serve section and through the "special offers" section of the website. So i guess that's that?
Unless there's another way to ask or go about this?
Thanks for confirming for me! I really appreciate knowing for certain!