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Stop reverting to Silent Mode! Let me know I have a message!

I'm a relatively new Koodo customer and first time user of this service and would appreciate answers to: My phone seems to keep reverting sooner or later to silent mode without me changing the setting. How can I prevent this? Is there a way to have the phone beep periodically if there is a message on it that I have not heard yet? Thanks for any assitance.

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Sounds like this is a BB10 device? We need to know what you're using for us to help. It could be a glitch,maybe the screen is getting unlocked and you're hitting a button accidentally?
Thanks Jonathon - it's a Samsung GT-S58300 smart phone. it's me that's dumb. 😉
So, is this resolved?
No, not resolved - no suggestions for either question. Any help appreciated!
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Hmm. Does the phone do this while you're actively using it or does this happen while it's asleep/not being used? What's your screen timeout like? If it's more than 1 minute, if you're not locking your screen manually, then I feel like something keeps hitting the volume down button. Could also be a power saving feature enabled on the device's settings that you're unaware of? Worst case scenario is the volume button's busted on the phone and it simply gets stuck in the down position, which would revert your phone to silent mode.