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Stop offering me promotions!

  • 12 August 2020
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In the past week, Koodo has called about 50 times now to offer me promotions. Since it's just a 1866 number I send it straight to voicemail. I decided to call back yesterday, and I spoke with a rep telling them I am not interested in these promotions because I do not need a new phone or tablet. He said fine, he'll mark it on my account I declined the offers.


Today they called three times again trying to offer me the promotions still. I tried calling again, first time someone coughed and hung up. Second time I waited 20 minutes on hold only for the guy to say something about "figuring out what department called" then hung up on me. I know for a fact it wasn't on hold cause it "boopboop" like the hang up sound then I'm left on my make a new phonecall screen.


How the heck can I get Koodo to stop calling me?? I don't want these promotions. Quite frankly I'm so fed up with Koodo that as soon as my tab is a little lower I'm switching to a cheaper better provider. Customer service is a joke!


1 reply

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When they call next ask to be put on the do not call list.