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stolen/broken devices recovery

  • 11 July 2015
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3 replies

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Hello Alexandra, 

You can go to any Koodo shop, purchase another SIM card and transfer your husband's number on the new SIM. This means that all the information saved on the old SIM card will be transferred to the new one as well. As to the other info, if it wasn't backed up or saved on a cloud, i'm afraid that without the phone, there is no way to recover it.

Many thanks!
I had 2 phones in my koodoo account. one for me and one for my husband. my husband lost his phone so I disconnected the phone and everything. He only had the iphone for 2days so he didnt back up anything...all i have is the phone number he had and the information of the phone ime or whatever is on paper about the phone... now he needs some of his contacts and text messages. how do I recover text messages maybe also deletted? my phone is still in service can I transfer all his data on my phone like photos and messages etc...?
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Hi Alexandra,

What exactly is your question?