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Spotty reception

Recently my seniors complex had all of their electrical conduits put in the roof. Several of these conduits are run in the roof over my apartment. Since then my cell phone reception has been spotty. By this I mean that when I am speaking to my daughter who lives 20 miles away, Her voice fades out or vibrates so badly I cannot understand her. There has been no problem with messaging just phone calls. This is becoming very annoying. Is this the reason for my problem and is there any solution that you can give me. Thank you.

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Yes, the changes in the electrical system of your building could very likely interfere with your phone. You can try moving to other rooms in your unit, to see if that moves you far enough from the electrical interference. If moving around in your unit does not correct things, and your phone works fine outside, then possibly using a landline becomes the next option. By the way, it does not matter that your daughter lives 20 miles away, as your phones do not connect directly, but through a nearby tower.
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Download a free signal strength analyzer:


or something similar. It will give you a good real-time indicator of signal strength for voice, text and data. You can actually walk through the house and see on the meter where your reception is best, following df butt's suggestion above.

I live in the hinterlands and have found a few places in the house where reception is viable and others where I'm wasting my time. Once you've found the best location (if any), you can do a few test calls with your daughter to validate your results.