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SOS from children of parents with a new phone

I wish I could adequately capture on here what I, my cousins and friends go through when our parents get new phones. When I bought my mom her upgrade of a Moto G last January, I felt like I was going to be driven to sedatives. This whole topic frequently turns into threads on Facebook when we are desperate to vent. Certainly my community of sympathetic sons and daughters are not the only people in the world who get 11 phone calls from a mom who can't figure out how to access her contact list, or 6 emails about not being able to figure out how to find the keypad on a smart phone. The further we get into the 21st century, I am slowly able to get my mom open to more technology. But.... We encounter ENORMOUS problems when she can't figure out one of these functions. This frustrates her, frustrates me, and does neither of us any good. I (along with my cousins, who have gotten my aunt to the point of being able to read texts but NOT send any) would LOVE to see phones come with quick tutorials, perhaps interactive, where they can learn by actually trying the function. These should be deleteable though, for those who don't need them. The main tutorials you need: 1. Making a call, finding the keypad 2. Adjusting volume 3. Opening contact list 4. Adding a contact 5. Typing a text message 6. Reading and deleting text message 7. Using camera 8. Opening pictures 9. Setting wallpaper 10. How to connect to WiFi 11. How to use the internetinternet THE INSTRUCTION BOOK IS NO GOOD FOR THIS DEMOGRAPHIC- (the ones in my life never have the patience to read through it!) I realize that there are phones made specifically for older people, but our parents are not seniors (plus you dont sell those phones). After 9 months I have mom at the point of sending texts and playing games, both of which she appreciates on the android. It's time a phone company helped with this....after all, we pay you every month. Step up to the plate Koodo!

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This would indeed be helpful, but Koodo doesn't make phones. They're only the service provider. I think your ideas should be directed to phone manufacturers.
I realize that, but koodo has relationships with phone manufacturers and influence over the types of phones they sell for the manufacturer. Also, these tutorials could be on the koodo website...they don't need to be on the phone.
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Jamie, Excellent suggestion ! I believe retirement age people have more problems with smartphones than most groups. You also identified the key areas of difficulty (although I think setting wallpaper is a little trivial). I think any service provider that followed your suggestion and marketed it through CARP and Zoomer would pick up a significant niche market.
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Hey there Jamie! As a rep, I know at my kiosk we do teach the basics of the phone before they do leave, like how to make a phone call, where the contact list, how to send a text, how to use the camera etc. We even send them home with quick tips guide on how to setup wifi and Bluetooth, changing the wallpaper and ringtone. By the time they get home there is so much information programmed into their brains they forget how to do what. There are pdf manuals on the website http://help.koodomobile.com/phone-troubleshooting click on the phone that she has and you can search the manual for your answer. Also Telus offers it, we don't but if need be, call the kiosk and ask if you can make an appointment with one of the reps at the kiosk to go through a demonstration of a phone. It shouldn't be a problem. We offer it. 😃
Thank you for the suggestion. The whole problem, though, is that any instructions in form of PDF or paper are not adequate for this issue. Some people can learn that way....just not any of the people I know who struggle with technology. There needs to be a better, interactive way to help them.
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I think KOODO should start implementing learning sessions. setting up appointments for the customer who is looking for that extra help but they don't have the time that day to go through everything, we can re-schedule an appointment for a day that is most convenient for them and write it down on one of our cards the date and time and they can come back for a learning session. By all means see if one of the reps at a koodo kiosk are willing to set up a learning session for the mean time 🙂
That's a great idea too to make it appts, after all pretty well now it's the rest of us giving the one on one lessons. There has to be a way to make it work great....I just really wanted to open the dialog on this. Thank you
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Jamie, I am sorry I didn't address your mum's problems specifically. I believe she should have been taught around 3 of your tutorial subjects before she left the store. Then someone should download a game she enjoys and that would teach her some of the phone basic controls. Learning how to use her contact list and sending texts would be a good third lesson when she felt confident with her phone. Learning how to set up her phone for Wi-Fi and the internet could be very difficult, if she has no previous internet experience, You can learn how to set up a Wi-Fi hot spot on this site, but it is a little technical, She might be satisfied with doing Google voice searches. I know that is the feature that sold me on a smart phone, Its difficult for me to say much more without knowing your Mom personally, or the type of phone plan she has,