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Something wrong with the website and the 866 number and *611

What the HELL is wrong with Koodo's systems??
I called *611 and every time I try to connect to customer service or technical support, I get disconnected.
I call 18669956366 and a recording tells me that there's a new directory assistance service and I have to hang up and dial #2030, so I did that before googling it to find out it's a SCAM.
Now I can't even log into the website.

Somebody better tell me what the hell is going on.  I've never had to contact Koodo directly before and the ONE day I wanna do it and I can't get anybody?  I'll show up at the kiosk at the mall if I can't get somebody on the phone.

I need to talk to somebody about the charge that will be on my account from the scam, I want the extra gig of data being offered to new activations for Black Friday, and the original reason I called was because I keep getting all these calls from scam travel agencies trying to sell me a timeshare - and when I call the number back I find it's somebody whose number has been hijacked somehow and they have no idea what I'm talking about.

Heads are gonna roll.

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Check again. The toll-free number is 866-995-6636.
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You can block those numbers on your phone or use apps to block them. 
(Koodo can't block numbers for you)
And for the extra GB, you don't get this promo if you are existing customer( it's not joke)
*611 is always better, but there are sooooo many angry existing customers calling in because of this promo. That's why it's hard to get customer service right now.