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We live in the 21st century, a technological age where sharing selfies to the biggest audience ever is a daily need and ritual. Our generation is constantly being infected with the disease known as wanderlust, which there is no cure for except to travel. Creating a special plan and/or offering more to existing plans that outshines all other competing services, Koodo can accompany its valued members over every inch of their great country, to every corner of this fascinating world. But what's in it for Koodo? Well dear El Tabador, how about taking the social media by storm with #wheremykoodotakesme and flaunt every picture of every adventure Koodo has joined its members on. Give your members a face and support for anything from running for the cure for breast cancer, graduating with pride from any level of education,  or boost the self esteem of those in selfies taken anywhere in the world on a daily or vocational adventure. Boost Koodo's public image by using this to promote good causes which may include a contest for members who take part in an event for the selected cause and posting a selfie during it, bringing about more publicity. There are endless possibilities that await with this idea. So ask your members, where does Koodo take you?

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Isn't this kind of exactly what Telus is presently doing?
Paul "Kid Android" Deschamps wrote:

Isn't this kind of exactly what Telus is presently doing?

The idea is more data in plans and better travel rates, which helps raise their public image, something mobile companies claim to be doing all the time but show nothing. My friends using non Telus service providers have it much more affordable than I do. Even with the amount people are bashing Wind Mobile, they have more value to their plans and my friends using Wind have awesome travel rates and no complaints about service or coverage what so ever.