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so i have came up with a solution that koodo is a company that is not loyal to their customers and they dont care about them.

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Years of JD Power and Associates awards for customer satisfaction beg to differ. Why is it you're not feeling the love?
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So what's the solution, lol?
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Im curious what the question was. But im guessing he doesn't like the new changes and/or he wants big.gift cards and amazing deals to stay with Koodo. Someone said it best in another thread, Loyalty is staying with someone/a company through the ups and downs, not leaving when you don't get what you want.
This isn't jeopardy. And...this is supposed to be a place where people get answers to problems, why waste time with criticism that isn't helpful.
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You need to define problem before you can solve it.. Loyalty is subjective, so that in and of, itself, is a problem. JD Powers is an out dated marketing model, reminiscent of the 1970's "9 out of ten dentists" still recomend our tooth paste. 40 years later. When you approach your customers and say, "fill out our questionair for your chance to win $100.00" you are engaging your customers, "in an unlicensed, game of chance that includes, minor children".. Any information collected from " your chance to win $100.00" is absolutely, 100% corrupted, because people give answers that they believe, will help them win the $100.00. Thus the disparity of "what JPPowers says and what the customers say and feel.