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SMS/MMS to e-mail after 48hrs

  • 25 March 2014
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I've been reading some posts recently and yadda yadda, something popped up into my mind and I humbly think it could come in handy for some (many?) folks. Some people leave the cellphone shut off almost all the time, or take out their SIM during an out-of-country vacation, and stuff like that. That's all fine, but there's a problem: SMS's aren't kept forever on Koodo's servers, and after a certain time, when not retrieved, they're simply deleted. What I propose is to send SMS's that are 48hrs old to their recipient using an e-mail address of their choice, via the existing SMS/email gateway. This would let users know people are trying to reach them and would not clog up Koodo's SMS server. Simple! What does everyone think?

3 replies

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This would also be good for people who travel in areas where coverage is spotty or unavailable. I like it.
I believe it attempts a couple of times over 72 hours, and then gets deleted. This could allow users to never miss a text. It should be possible to do so, I like it too
Email is OK, but sending each expiring message out is just moving the work to another system.

I would suggest that a better solution would be similar to what Telus had: the ability to view your message history from the account portal. I'm not sure this still exists (as they removed access for prepaid users a few years ago) but it was a great idea. Add email notification to that and both issues mentioned (messages expiring before receipt, more timely retrieval if your phone is unreachable) could be improved. What's more, it could allow you to balance out the system for your own needs.

- One notification per time period, not per message. You don't want fifty emails containing "LOL" or "I saw a cute kitten today". If your phone isn't reachable, send a single notification email saying "You have one or more unread text messages."

- Set the delay before that notification is sent. If there's no reception on the subway, you don't want an email after 10 minutes. If you go to the movies a lot, you might want a delay of at least 3 hours. If you live where there's no reception or are out of the country, you might want to send an alert immediately. If you do important business texting (uh huh), then maybe you want a recurring digest containing all correspondence for the last week.