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I think that koodo should offer a service like Telus does with the smart hub! The idea here being I want an internet service provider but I am at work alot so I would like to be able to take my internet with me where I go. I noticed that telus has options like $75 for 250GB, $110 for 500gb mobile data with the smart hub. How can koodo make something competitive and similiar to that for its customer base. I am looking for that and would use it often. Thanks Jared

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Well since Koodo is part of Telus I don't think they need to compete with them. Telus is the part of the family that offers all the bells and whistles and multiple services, Koodo offers phone service on a medium tier with some bells and whistles and Public Mobile is the part of the family that offers basic service with do it yourself service. I don't
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Paul "Kid Android" Deschamps wrote:

Well since Koodo is part of Telus I don't think they need to compete with them. Telus is the part...

Virgin and Fido offers internet in Ontario. With that logic, why are they competing with their parent company? I think it would make sense for Telus to offer internet with Koodo in Alberta and B.C. to compete with TekSavvy and other companies that resell their internet service.
Well as a consumer I dont like using so many companies. So since Telus is part of the family it shouldn't be hard for them to implement something like that to this demographic of people. Who knows they might make some more money off koodo current customers that want everything with one company.
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Jared Peckover wrote:

Well as a consumer I dont like using so many companies. So since Telus is part of the family it s...

Koodo is a cellular phone company. They offer cellular-based cellular phone plans. Telus is a telecommunications company, and offers Internet services, TV, satellite TV, OTT TV, cellular phone, mobile data, tablet plans and landline services. As many of these services are largely regulated, it is likely not possible for Koodo to offer all that Telus does.

In addition, Smart hubs are not available in all areas in BC / AB that Telus serves, and it is already seeing over saturation. I do not expect a great expansion of this service until cellular data bandwidth increases substantially. The smart hub is locked to a particular tower, and not portable.

If amalgamating your telecommunications services is important for you, you could switch to Telus for your services.
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Off topic, but wow... Ontario sure has poor choices for rural internet compared to BC/AB. 75 bucks for 250GB is a steal
Yes.. I actually posted this on koodo Facebook page as a request and they told me to post here. So that is why I posted here. Not so that some people could say it's not needed. Because if they can make more money from a customer why wouldn't they. Companies are always looking for ways to make more money and I'm giving them an option for that. Also smarthub you say is locked to a tower so it's not portable which isn't true because my mom uses it all the time and she moves from place to place with work. We always use it in the trailer and it works fine. I just wish we could have the same thing on koodo. Also it's not expensive to do, they have same things in Philippines with all providers called pocket wifi so it's doable here. We're a world leader so why don't we be a world leader in competitive mobile internet as well. Since we're last on the list and the most expensive mobile services in the world we need to really change the way the model is here. Just my opinion and I have the right to my opinion.. not so you guru labels can tell me I'm wrong. If they offered it people would buy it and they would make more money.. Guaranteed.. that's the bottomline. Let's make this work together with positivity not negativity. Thanks
Jared...I agree!