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SLP letter when not on program, is SLP removal automated or manual process

I am asking this on behalf of a family member. They signed up for koodo recently and had their name entered incorrectly by the rep so the credit check came back poor, resulting in them being put on a spending limit program without their knowledge. Upon noticing the name error, they reported it and a telus csr re-did the credit check (they passed) and supposedly removed the spending limit on the account as well as fixing the name to the correct one. When logging in to the self serve portal, the account name still displayed the incorrect one so they contacted a csr and the csr deleted the profile and had a new one set up with the corrected name. When logged in, there is no indication of being on the spending limit program. The customer got their first bill with the correct name the same day as a letter with the incorrect name notifying them that they were on the spending limit program and would need to wait 6 months for the account to be "reviewed" to see if they could be removed from the program. I have three questions: 1) If the csr doing the second credit check removed them from the SLP and the account does not indicate the customer is on the SLP, why did the SLP letter addressed to the incorrect name get mailed out the same time as the first bill addressed to the correct name? Is the SPL a different department that didn't have things updated and therefore think the customer is still on the program? Although the letter is dated the day of signup, it was obviously printed and mailed the same time as the first bill. If the name has been corrected since signup day and the customer taken off the program, why was the letter still printed and mailed? The customer never got a letter stating they were REMOVED from the program which is actually what they should have gotten instead of a letter stating they are on the program (when they are now supposedly not). 2) Does this mean somewhere, at least one department or more still has the account number associated with being on the SPL and with the incorrect name? 3) Are SPL accounts manually reviewed by CSRs after 6 months or is it automatic where the computer system removes them if they qualify to be removed?

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1) I think the letter was printed when you signup (with SLP with wrong name). And your mail was on the process of mailing. Once it's on the mailing process, I don't think it's physically possible to remove your letter from bunch of them.(I can't imagine how many letters they print and mail per day/month) 2,3)You said you reported it to Telus and they fixed it, so SLP with wrong name is gone. You have an account with correct name without SLP. you shouldn't need to worry about it now.
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Hi there, Mayumi is right! If your relative wants to make sure everything is fine on her/his account, the best would be to send us an email via Self Serve: http://koo.do/11eMLdy. Thank you! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.