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Slow phone?

Anybody else having issues with phones you bought 1 year ago? Cant run more than 1 or 2 apps without lcking up my phone

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All phones are basically computers with different amounts of memory and processing power. Phones get slower overtime, especially androids and if you have a lower-end android with a small processor and memory, then your phone can get slower faster than others. What phone do you have?
Galaxy ace II x , bought it brand new last summer. Worked alright out of the box, couldnt do some things other phones could do, and it didnt bother me. Now I've been through 3 or 4 updates, and I have to use the task manager to kill active apps every 5 minutes or so if I want to use my phone. Basically I'm frustrated to the point where I want to hit it with a hammer, and do without. Whats the point in having a phone that struggles to complete text messages, or calls?
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Glenn Priest wrote:

Galaxy ace II x , bought it brand new last summer. Worked alright out of the box, couldnt do some...

Since the Galaxy Ace IIX isn't the highest end phone, going through many updates, installing apps, and using your phone - it may begin to slow down.
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Glenn, your phone is actually working at the same speed it did last year. However, like with computers, the apps used (and updates) are more demanding and require higher horsepower, for lack of a better term. As time goes by, the lower-performance devices, like your Ace2X, simply can't keep up with the demand. It's like driving up a 10 degrees incline with your car. If, the next day, they redo the incline and it's now 20 degrees, your car will have a harder time driving up to the top, even though it's the same car and its engine performs the same as the day before. Same analogy here. And on top of that, the Ace2X has never exactly been the best phone for the money... You have 3 choices right now: 1) Completely reset the phone. It will be back to factory settings and will behave exactly like it did when you took it out of its box last year. However, as you re-install updates and apps, you'll still feel the pinch. 2) Change to another phone. 3) Live with it the way it is right now (likely not what you want). Good luck!