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sim network unlock pin

  • 20 February 2021
  • 2 replies

Ive transferred my number over from my previous provider. After inserting the koodo sim card it asks me for my sim pin.  I have never been given a sim pin or have I created one.  This is frustrating.


I used Bells (my previous provider) customer service and they helped me immediately and gave me the pin.  I spent hours reading koodos help files and attempting to get answers from their robotic chat service.  Koodo’s customer service is horrendous.  I’m already regretting switching to Koodo.  

2 replies

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could you confirm if it asked you for the "network unlock code” or the “SIM pin” as those 2 are different issues ?

Was your phone locked to Bell before moving to Koodo? 

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If it is a Sim Pin, Bell wouldnt be able to help you with a Koodo sim.  If it was a network unlock code, only Bell could help you.  Koodo would not be able to unlock a Bell phone.