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SIM card trouble

I am trying to swap phones because i lost the one i was using. when i try to type in the sim card number it is telling me that it is invalid. I've typed in the number at least 20 times and its still saying the same thing

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It's either not a Koodo sim card or you aren't typing the numbers correctly.
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Another scenario: it could be a prepaid SIM and he's trying to use it on postpaid or vice versa? You need to make sure it matches the service you're using. Koodo, for some odd reason, decided to go with separate SIM cards for their postpaid/prepaid services and it causes headaches for people.
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Or it's an old SIM card that has been inactive for 90 days or a new sim card issued over a year ago
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Are the sim card sizes different? Not really sure what's the problem but I am assuming it's mostly likely that it has become unactive. You can activate it at a Koodo store I believe or pick up a new one.