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sim card hasn’t arrived yet, but i already have a bill

  • 20 December 2020
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Hi! I’ve ordered a Koodo Sim Card last December 7. I received an email that it shipped via Canada Mail last December 15. It hasn’t arrived yet and it’s been 5 days already. In the email it states that it’ll arrive by 3-5 business days, and it will be on the 5 days on the 22nd. I have called Koodo Customer Service but can’t go through the line. Tried koodo assist but it doesn’t help either, still hoping for it to arrive by the 22nd. Worse part is, I already have the bill for the month of December but I haven’t even used it yet.

Could someone please help me contact Koodo. Or have any idea how to contact them. It’s just frustrating that my bill started on but I wasn’t able to use it.

1 reply

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Best way is to wait till you receive it.
If it said arrive within 3-5 days,  it may arrive on 22nd. 

Once you received it, (they know when you received it), then contact them. It it easier for them to adjust charges once they know how many days of delay. 

You can set up call back through assist, or send them message through FB or Twitter.