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Sick and tired!

I'm honestly sick and tired of being cut off EVERY month. I have paid a reactivation fee (which is ridiculous on its own) every month except one since I have bought this phone and switched to Koodo. Another thing is the overage charges for my data are unnecessary. I was with Rogers before koodo and I would go over my data just as much and I NEVER had a bill going over 115$, meanwhile I'm getting 280$ bills from koodo (this includes that stupid reactivation fee). Originally I switched from Rogers in hope of cheaper bills only to get bills twice as expensive. I am done with koodo and going back to rogers. I'm wondering how I would go about ending my account with koodo?

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There is no way you would have paid less with Rogers. There must be something you are going over your data allotment every month. Something must be sucking data in the background on your phone. Also, if they cut you off that's only because they didn't get your parent in time. All cellphone companies do that .
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Pay your bill on time and your account wont get cut off. If you are incuring so much overage, you may have the wrong sized plan. Also all carriers limit your data overage charges to $50 a month and cut off your data unless you text them back that you are ok going over that (as per the wireless code of conduct). What does it say on your PDF ebill? There must be some other charge if you are not getting data cut off after $50