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There has been a bunch of times on here where threads get brought back to life after months and months of inactivity. And sometimes since they were recently posted in, people (including myself) will jump in and post, only to realize that the thread is 9 months old. Currently when you look at posts on here from the main page it only shows when the most recent post was. But it seems like it would be easy to have a spot under the topic that said "Originally posted" so that if someone was asking about the Tab from a year ago, we wouldn't have to dig into the thread to find out that everything is different now.

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It does on the Mobile site. I'll check on the regular desktop version.
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This is already implemented, but you can only see it on the new Community interface: https://c.getsatisfaction.com/koodo Note that you cannot earn points/badges when visiting the Community that way just yet.
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I guess its just because I have always used the normal link and don't see it on things here.