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Setting up an account as a gift

  • 5 January 2013
  • 2 replies

I have purchased an unlocked phone and would like to setup a Koodo account for someone as a.gift. The receiver of the.gift will manage the account and pay the monthly fees. Is it possible to do this, or must the eventual account holder setup the account themselves?

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2 replies

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The person who the account is going to be under must be the one who signs up and creates the account. You could sign up and put everything in your name at first and then transfer it over into his/her name ($25 fee).
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Hey there:), Just a heads up that the device must be compatible with our network (a ''GSM Only'' device would not work with Koodo even if it's unlocked) you can click on this link http://koo.do/LnIdy9 to check if the device would be compatible, the best way to know is to insert a Koodo SIM Card in it, you can visit your local Koodo Shop http://koo.do/oR0Tvb and they will help you with that. Hope this helps!