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We currently have cdma phones and were told as of June they will be obsolete. We do not have the 4g network up here. Roger and tbay tel have that service and won't allow yourself or other providers on the towers. My question is now that its all been updated are we going to be on the towers or have service here? I would like to stay with koodo and upgrade my phone but only if it will work.

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There were a couple other posts around this topic. Have you received an email or something from koodo to tell you that you have to upgrade to a new phone? If yes, than likely they have HSPA coverage in you area and things should be fine. If they don't have coverage presumably they would tell you in the email as well and you may have no choice bu to switch providers.
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They will be obsolete but the voice services will continue to work. If you have data your speeds will be lowered. If your phone were ever to break then Koodo no longer offers CDMA phones and won't be able to replace it for you.
I have not received anything to upgrade yet. We live Hornepayne, Ontario. If you look at the map their is no coverage yet.