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Sending and Getting pictures without data on Moto G

I have the Moto G and a 30$ plan with no data, i did not put a data block on it, but i turned the data off on my phone. But i cannot send or receive pictures, is it becuase i turned off the data? If i start using the hangout app will that let me get pictures without data? thanks!

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Picture messages use data. That's how the picture is sent. There is no way to send picture text messages without data, no matter what app you use.
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You answered your own question. You cannot receive a picture message because you have data disabled on your phone. Keep in mind when you enable data it open a gateway for your phone to receive updates for backround apps. In which turn, can create data charges. Please be very weary of this and don't be surprised if data charges apply if you start using picture messaging.
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Yes, picture messages require data on for them to work. Since your plan included unlimited MMS, you won't actually be charged for this data use. However, if you have any other apps set to auto-update, sync, or otherwise notify you that requires internet access, you're basically giving the phone permission to update and then you might get charged pay-per-use data from Koodo. It's a bit of a tough spot but it's an unfortunate side effect of the HSPA network. Here's some options: 1. Look for a firewall app from the Play Store to restrict other apps from updating. 2. Connect to WiFi, then connect to data to send your pic messages, and then turn off data again. 3. Start getting contacts on WhatsApp or BBM. You can send pictures over WiFi with those apps and since they're available on nearly every major smartphone platform, it's a nice feature. 4. Send the pictures to someone's email address instead of using MMS. This can also be done on WiFi. 5. If you're willing to move up to the $39 plan, you'll get 200 extra minutes and a 400MB data package to play with too. I think that's very good value for the price of a few coffees per month. 🙂
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Yes, picture messages require data on for them to work. Since your plan included unlimited MMS, y...

Thank you, you helped a lot!