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Sell extra batteries

I have the LG optimus, I bought an external charger + an extra battery from China. It's great on a long trip to swap the battery and they are cheap now: from China, Amazon, etc. But why not sell them on Koodomobile.com or the stores? Some phones (nexus4, iphone) won't allow it, but for others you can offer great options like battery upgrades: the Galaxy 2x has one that requires a bigger back plate but gives you almost 2x the battery.

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This a great Idea and I would love to have batteries available at the kiosk (and we do have some) but the problem usually is that buying a battery that the kiosk is $50 to $60 where as you can get then on ebay or amazon etc for only a few dollars. The stores would never sell then that cheap they would never make any money off it. (or not enough for it to be worth it for them) 😞