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Search bar a little bit more noticeable !

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I see a lot (a little bit) of frustration because some koodoists feel the answer has been already answered. How about making the search bar a little bit more noticeable ? Like using a different font, or adding a phrase like : "Find the answer to your problem by searching first." or "Why wait for an answer ? Search here !". Maybe adding an animation near it, making it bigger. Most people who have not used it, did not notice it imho. (I do not know if any of this is possible due to Get Satisfaction restrictions, so please do not grill me if this the case 😉 )

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LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT 🙂 This is an excellent idea & may aid in cutting down on repetitive posts. I really like the flashing animation idea of something like search for your answer here or see if your questions already been answered. I Don't know if this can be implemented because it's really up to Get Sat I guess but I'm sure Koodo could pass the idea along perhaps.
A better recognized search is always nice. I like some of the ones I've seen initially like on the older Future Shop website, when they had the 'interactive video' of a guy tapping and pointing to the "Ask Here" bar. Sadly, after a short point of time, the repetitive noise just got annoying. I do like the feature already implemented that searches for matches to your question/query from the community overview page and gives a shortlist of possible answers. It at least tries to find an answer automatically. If nothing matches, then you proceed to post your question. Sadly, my experience on most forums has been that people, no matter where or how you ask them to search first, will just post their question. Tis easier to ask than search.