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Screen cracked after a couple of days!( first time out of the house with it)

I love my new Samsung Galaxy S 3 phone except that the first time I left home with it it cracked . I was so careful and shocked at how easily the screen cracked. An hour later I installed very carefully a screen protector to prevent it from getting worse and another crack appeared on the top of the phone . Am I stuck with this? I am so disappointed and have never had a phone do this before. I've had the phone less then a week.

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Hey there Jason! where abouts did you keep your phone when you were out and about?
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Hello Jason. Unfortunately Koodo's warranty does not support physical damage to the phone. Try checking with your Visa card? I know there are some that have a 3 months stolen/broken/lost object warranty that covers this kind of damage. Last case scenario would be you to call Samsung and talk politely to someone about your issu and tell them how easily it broke!
Thank you for the answer, not what I wanted to hear but makes perfect sense.
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Also, what I meant by not covered is that they will ask you to pay for the repair. Which is not as expansive as buying a new S3! Seriously, your best luck is looking if your card has an extended VISA warranty