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Hey, we're University students from Vancouver and we'd need a company to our project. The project is to explore human resources areas, such as recruitment and selection, health and safety and compensation. We would also give some recommendations to the company.

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Hi Linda: Business students? This is more of a community forum built on consumer interaction, not neccesarily HR questions. Think of it as page to talk koodo whether it be phone issues, what you like about the company etc. that sort of question would be better fielded by someone at pr@koodomobile.com
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Hey Linda, This is a very interesting study is it going to be aimed towards mobile service providers in general?
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You may want to contact Koodo directly about this. This is a public forum where people can help others with their phone issues and talk about ideas for Koodo. It seems like an interesting project though. Good luck!
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Hi Linda, As Joey recommended send us an email to pr@koodomobile.com and someone will get in touch with you.