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Samsung Galaxy SGH-T989D phone turning off by itself while it is being charged

My Samsung Galaxy SGH-T989D phone turning off by itself while it is being charged. In some cases, I was charging the phone while driving and having a conversation, when the phone turned off... In other cases, I was charging the phone at home, just to find out that was already turned off by itself... It is not happening all the time, as in some cases it is working just fine. Any advise, please? Should I contact Koodo or Samsung in order to get this phone fixed (this phone is less than one year old)? Thanks.

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If your phone is under warranty, you can send it in for repair or get a replacement phone. If it's not under warranty, there isn't much you'll be able to have done unless you are willing to pay the repair costs.
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Have you tried a different charging adapter & cable?
Yes, I tried two different chargers: car charger and home charger. Also tried two different batteries. It is still turning off randomly while charging...
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Is it always when your using it while charging? If so it might be the charger like John suggested as it might not be feeding it enough power to be using it while charging and it slowly loses power till it dies & turns it's self off. You can try another charger with a higher Amperage rating.
When was happening at home, I was not using it and that one is a different charger than the one used while driving.... Also, this is a recent issue with my phone. 7 months I was charging it with the same chargers, use it while charging and didn't have any issue... I even removed the new applications installed recently as I thought that some applications might have some influence...
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What version of Android are you running on your S2x? (Settings > About Phone or Device).
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I've never encountered this sort of thing with my S2x. You have two options at this point. One is to factory reset the device to see if the problem resolves itself. Two, follow Marcus's advice and send the S2x in for repair. Since you mention that the S2x is less than a year old, the manufacturer will honour the warranty.