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Samsung Galaxy S3 camera won't focus

Hi - my Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera won't focus anymore...I read that this could occur as a result of a system upgrade but i can i didn't notice that this was the case.  I did however upgrade the Hotmail program on my phone to Outlook.  I tried to reset the settings to default/factory - this did not work, nor did using manual focus. I even looked for an app to resolve this problem but i couldn't find any.  This really sucks since i use my camera often.  I purchased this phone about 1 year ago.  Please help.

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Try installing Google Camera and see if this app restores the camera focus on your S3. If the app doesn't fix the problem then it may be hardware related and the S3 would have to be sent in for repair. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.GoogleCamera&hl=en
Thank you very much for your reply...i have just downloaded it onto my phone.  I will let you know how it turns out for sure.  And thank you for replying on Christmas Day...hopefully i will be taking a lot of photo's tonight surrounded by loved ones with full bellies and happy faces lol...and i wish that for you as well.  Merry Christmas...
Hi - well....i did that...and i thought it worked but i was wrong.  Since then i have tried another app called "open camera" but still it cannot focus.  It's like while it tries to focus you can see that there is a moment when it is in focus but it goes past it and gives me the red square and its out of focus. Things up close can sometimes focus...but never at a distance.  I try tapping in different areas but it does not help.  I take many pictures so this comes as a huge let down. Do you think i may need to get this looked at?  If so, how do i go about it?  Thanks