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Samsung Galaxy S2x weak reception??

Has anyone had any reception issues with the Galaxy S2x? I upgraded from an Ace 2x to the S2x and have no reception on the new at home but if I switch the sim card to the old phone I get between 2-3 bars??? Koodo replaced my phone and sim card but still having the same issue. Wondering if anyone knows of any settings that I might need to change to improve before I return the phone.

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If your SIM gets 2/3 bars on Ace 2X and not on S2X that means networks is available inside your home, powercycle Phone, Pull out SIM/Battery and check that Network mode GSM/WCDMA(Auto mode) is selected in Settings>Wireless & Networks>More settings>Mobile Networks>Network Mode
Thanks for the quick reply. I tried your suggestion but still no bars. When I look at signal strength on both phones the S2x is weaker than the Ace2. Not sure if all newer phones would be the same. My text and data seem to still be working but wouldn't be able to answer any calls when at home. Debating on whether I should return and try different phone but without spending too much money my only other option is the Nexus 4 which seems to have less features.
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Go to settings - more settings - mobile networks and then press network operators and it will search for towers. When a list comes up select koodo or telus if koodo doesn't show up and you should get better reception. my Galaxy S4 went from 1 bar to almost full reception doing this. If it doesn't help then it's your area and actual coverage in your area and your surroundings. let me know if it helps and if it does star the answer to help others find the solution.