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Samsung Galaxy S IV

This summer the Samsung Galaxy S4 should be released, based on what I have seen and read it's going to out do the Iphone once again . What I would like to see if a promotion especially for us loyal customer to be able to get the S4 for free with a contract , Like one can do with the IPhone

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The only reasons Koodo offers a 3 year contract for the iPhone is because Apple requires them to if they want to carry it. Otherwise, they wouldn't offer it on a contract. Koodo isn't in the business of contracts. Goes against the whole business model. Even then, the iPhones are free and the S4 definitely wouldn't be.
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If you want a contract go somewhere that offers contracts. This idea makes no sense at all sorry. The Galaxy S4 hasn't even been launched yet, how do you know your even going to want it? If you buy your phone plainly on the name that's not a wise way to purchase a phone and if your going to do that you might as well buy an iPhone, you get what aim saying.
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Why would you want a contract anyways ? They are restrictive, they prevent you from changing plans, you have to pay insane amounts for wanting to change companies and if the telecom company screws you, it does not matter because they will make as much money from your cancelling fees (maybe more) than they would from overcharging you. Mind you, I have no issues with Koodo, but Bell and Virgin are notorious for making mistakes on monthly bills then telling you "there's nothing we can do"... I had one contract in my life, never again. Buy you phones outright or buy them used. Either way you win with the 10% discount Koodo gives to customers that do not owe anything on their tab.