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Samsung Galaxy II crashes

I have a Samsung GT-S7560M and it keeps crashing. I have taken the battery out several times and it still crashes. What the hell should I do now? Buy another phone.

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What do you mean by "crashes"? Can you explain exactly what happens and what you're doing when it happens
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If you're trying to multitask or even just have a lot of apps downloaded to your phone, I would recommend cleaning some of them out and getting the app Clean Master, which helps remove temporary files and freeing up RAM space. Another option is, as you said it, upgrade your device. The Ace II X is an entry level phone with relatively weak specs to use Android in 2014, and can only handle so much before crashing, as you say, or becoming slow, unresponsive, etc. You can take a look at the Moto G, an excellent device for $150/$0 on Tab S. It will be significantly faster and more responsive then your Ace II X and it won't break the bank.