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Samsung Galaxy Ace II network locked

Hi; I bought Samsung Galaxy Ace II at Koodo store in Halifax, NS, Canada with a monthly plan. Recently I canceled my account, payed the bill and moved to the other country. But I can't use local SIM-card with this phone. It says that the network is locked and I need to provide the unlock PIN. How can I get it? Will be grateful for your help. Thank you.

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Hi Valerie, Most phones sold by carriers in North America are carrier locked. Since you are already out of the country, you can take it to a local cell shop and pay to have it unlocked. Or you can unlock it yourself by purchasing an unlock code from eBay, cellunlocker, or gsmliberty, or any such sites. Either option would probably be much cheaper and quicker than trying to get Koodo to do it for you
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sahana wrote:

You can get the unlock code for your Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 phone your Network service provider or ...

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Since you're no longer a Koodo customer, your best bet is to follow Mo's advice regarding 3rd party unlockers. I've had many phones unlocked by cellunlocker.net.
Hi if you need network unlock code you can visit this site http://www.unlock-zone.com/samsung-galaxy-ace-2-i8160/rs5wp9/ here you can get the code and unlock your mobile. To get the code you have to mentioned which country is locked now,network provider and imei number. Then they send unlock code through email