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Same country, same province, same area code but not the same city...

Same country, same province, same area code, but not the same city and will be long distance call... My name is Anne Beauchemin, I was in Trois-Rivieres, moving to DrummondvilIe (Same country, same province, same area code) that means don't need to change the area code, but it will be a long distance call, can I keep the same phone number anyway ? I need this information ASAP...Thanks !

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You can keep the same number, and if you have a Canada-wide plan you will not pay any more than you do now. However, other people who call you from Drummondville will pay long-distance charges unless they also have Canada-wide calling.
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Yeah the basic way to think of it is your number is 1 AAA BBB CCCC the 1 refers to Canada the AAA refers to your area of Canada the BBB refers to what city/town your number is for the CCCC refers to you specifically. So while you can keep your number, keep in mind what Ray said. If you don't want to keep your number after that, you need to change the last 7 digits. While you may be lucky enough to get the same last four (this is about a 1 in 10000 chance) you will usually end up with a mostly new number.