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Ryan Fales

Un-Lock all your phones for new customers(and current), for a trial period to see if your product speaks for itself - Pricing / Data Charges(plans) Customer service  / Web site and ease of location.  I think you will find that you will not lose many customers with having the phones unlocked at the time of purchase. I paid for mine to be unlocked, I haven't left and don't plan on it. Trust your customer base and I think you will be surprised. Everyone I know that uses Koodo refers it to friends and I don't here complaints about it except, have phones locked. 

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I think you will find a lot of information here, http://www.cnet.com/news/confused-about-locked-vs-unlocked-phones-ask-maggie-explains/ that may answer a lot of your questions. Carrier locks are a much misunderstood animal in the wireless world. Hope it helps to answer your question. If nothing else, it's a very informative read to say the least.