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Rogers: Embracing & Implementing Forward Thinking Technology

  • 2 November 2012
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Would love to see Koodo embrace new forms of technology like Rogers is doing, the convenience factor is massive with this and they're the first mobile network in Canada to begin implementation, I'd love to see Koodo follow suit and make it a point to embrace and implement services of this nature in the future. Nobody likes to be the last to have new products/services/technology made available to them, so a policy that places importance on always being 'ahead of trend' is a great way to boost your image. Watch the youtube video below and see for yourself how awesome this is. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For Canadians who are anxiously waiting to get in on the mobile payment action, that day just got a little closer. Today at a Toronto Tim Hortons restaurant, CIBC and Rogers demonstrated the first ever Canadian mobile payment using their SecureTap system. We learned a few weeks back that Canadian carriers would be using RIM’s secure element manager on their mobile payment applications, and that is definitely where some of the magic is coming from here. This software will be on BlackBerry smartphones as well as Android and Windows 8 in the coming months. At the Toronto Tim Horton’s location Rogers and CIBC used none other than a BlackBerry Bold 9900 to demonstrate this leap in mobile payment technology. The service will only be available at select locations, but more will be rolling out as time progresses. Current list of locations: Subway Second Cup Harvey’s Green P Parking Swiss Chalet Quizno’s Shopper’s Drugmart Tim Horton’s Timothy’s Coffee Indigo (Manulife center) Cineplex Odeon (Manulife Centre) McDonald’s Toronto Parking Authority Hero Burg as well as Visa payWave and MasterCard PayPass locations So, some of you Canadians out there may be asking just when you can get your hands on this, and that’s simple. The application will be made available for Rogers Wireless and CIBC banking customers. The application will be available for download starting on November 16th. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=&v=mzAiCRcMPD8

4 replies

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I know Telus has it in the pipeline, I assume Koodo will launch it around the same timeframe. I don't know anything more specific than that however.
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Koodo's going to need more NFC phones for this to happen. Secondly, it's only CIBC. If all the banks started doing this it would be pretty cool, but it's severely limited as of right now. I'll wait until next year to see if it becomes more widespread.
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No thank you. I would never use my phone as my wallet. Half the time I don't know where I left my phone, but I always know where my credit card is. The last thing I need is someone to go for a Tim Horton's run at work with my phone.
Great news! If you own an NFC enabled smartphone, as of June 15, 2015 you can purchase an NFC Sim for $5 from any Koodo Shop that will allow you to tap and pay for purchases with your phone where available. For details visit https://www.koodomobile.com/mobilepayment.