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Roaming charges

  • 21 November 2022
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I have 3 ER/VC charges on my latest bill and easy roam isn’t/and hasn’t been activated on my phone. I am getting the $11 charge on my phone on 3 different days but no calls being made. How is this happening and how do I get the charges removed?


Best answer by Lavinia Koodo 21 November 2022, 21:26

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5 replies

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Are you in Canada during the time of the charges? It will also kick in with data use or outgoing SMS use. 

Yes in Canada but as I said data roaming turned off and was not signed up for easy roam.

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Sounds like your phone just connected to a US tower while you are in canada.

To prevent this in the future, go into your network settings and you can select your Network as Koodo instead of automatic (note this takes a few minutes).


In the mean time we can flag a rep to look into your roaming charges

Thanks for the info on network operators. I did go in and shut off the “select automatically feature”  but because I am in a dead zone here at my residence I do not get Koodo (my provider) as an option as a network operator. Will probably have to wait until I’m in a service area to set this up. In the meantime will just pay my bill  (regular amount)l and find some way to get the extra charges reversed.

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Hello @birty! We checked the Easy Roam charges on your current bill and it looks like they were triggered accidentally by data leakage (less than 0.01MB used each day). We applied an adjustment for these charges and you can check your new amount due in Self Serve

To avoid this situation in the future, you can also turn off the roaming and data roaming options in your phone’s settings, aside from manually selecting the network, as mentioned by @Dennis