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Rewards program!

Now Koodo has a lot of customers that are students (myself included) and i feel like even though the company puts in a lot of effort to appeal to those students what about a student loyalty rewards plan? For instance most students have to sign a plan in order to get a phone and these plans are usually 2 years. Now at the end of this plan a lot of people tend to look at other companies and see who can give them the cheapest price. If Koodo could have a discount on students next plan (lets say 15% off the next phone or 10% off the plan per month) I think a lot less people would change companies. If you want people to stay loyal then there has to be something more that you can get from the company that others don't offer. How about a points system? Depending on how much you spend in a year at Koodo (includes price of cell phone , data and plan) you collect a certain amount of points and those points are what get you a discount on your next phone. Another idea would be that if the person that is on their seccond plan does not want to get a discount off the price of their phone they can instead get a free add-on (let's say unlimited calling or 1gb of data)

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