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Rewards for loyal customers

  • 1 April 2015
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When Koodo first started and were desperate for customers the customer service was amazing. We would get emails, texts, or phone calls to let us know about upcoming products and changes. Slowly as your popularity grew and new customers flocked over, those that had been around seemed to get shoved aside. New perks,and free.gifts for new customers only, no notice of products or changes. Seems like you get our monthly fees so we don't matter. I used to bounce around from provider to provider but I was liking what Koodo had to offer. But lately it seems Koodo is no longer aimed at the youth wanting the newest toys or even the best. Most phones are lower end and the selections are severely limited. I mean there is no Note edge, no one at Koodo even knows what phone storage size or colours will be available with the S6 or the S6 Edge. Heck for that matter they do not even know they will have some for customers to buy. Other carriers were offering free charging pads and other.gifts for pre-orders, yet Koodo waits until a week before the release date to even announce they are carrying the S6 series. I think it would be great to see some great customer service and maybe some perks come back to your loyal customers not just the noobs

3 replies

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The perks with being for any mobile company is to get what you pay for. For instance, I myself pay a monthly bill never had issues with my billing,services,customer service. This is what every customer should pay for. Awesome customer service and to be happy that the service they provide that you and many others pay for. Personally, I don't think any customer should receive perks for being tenured. As for your S6 issue I like that Koodo doesn't disclose any information until the release date. Reason being, it's more of a surprise! Regardless, like any shopper you're not always obligated to shop at store A if store B has the same item on sale at a lower cost.
Interesting now Koodo has added this to the Samsung edge page... Key Features •2.1 GHz quad-core 2.1 + 1.5 GHz quad-core processor •5.1" quad HD Super AMOLED display •16.0 megapixel back-facing and 5.0 megapixel front-facing cameras .. Technical details Weight: 132g Size: 70 x 142 x 7mm Internal Memory: 32 GB Package Content: Stereo Headset, SIM Tool, USB Cable, AC Adapter Manufacturer: Samsung and if you click add to cart you get this info.... Samsung Galaxy S6 edge 32GB (Black) Retail Price $850.00 Positive Tab -$133.06 Tab Medium Discount -$300.00 Due Now $416.94 Tab Medium Monthly Tab charge $5.00 You'll have a monthly Tab charge to pay off your $300.00 Tab balance, until it reaches zero. Rest assured, you'll clear your Tab balance in 24 months or less, guaranteed. Due each month $5.00 SIM card SIM card $5.00 Due now $5.00 Bonus.gift Coming Soon Included Not sure why I need a new SIM card but at least there is some info and I am logged in and it is offering a free.gift.... Looks like Koodo may actually be listening Kudos Koodo
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Just throwing it out there, Koodo has never been a carrier aimed at people who want the newest latest greatest devices. Its only been in the last couple years that they have carried the flagship devices. They have always been aimed more at the people seeking better value for their dollar compared to the big 3 carriers. Hence Koodo being a value brand.