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Returned Hardware (Scratch and Dent Sale?)

To all you cellphone salespeople out there, what do you do with returned, fully functional hardware? Are they sent back to Koodo? Or, do you resell them as new, or discount them?

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They send them back to get repaired if need be or if not then the device is just thoroughly went through and make sure everything is working properly, once that done they get certified and shipped back to Koodo. Then Koodo get them back and sell them as certified previously owned or refurbished devices. https://shop.koodomobile.com/certifiedpreowned/c99999905-p0.html Since the devices are looked at thoroughly to make sure everything works and the phone looks to be in good condition and certified alot of the time refurbished is actually better than brand new. At the price of certified pre owned you can't go wrong at all buying one., click the link above to see Koodos certified pre owned deals.
I'm still looking for more answers as I am interested in what everyone has to say. I'm open to all opinions, no answer is wrong or right, so have at it people. I am interested in all the different practices that are being used.
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Depends on the carrier and the store. Mobile Shop doesn't do that. Return phones must be in resellable condition with no visible scratches or marks otherwise its yours to keep. DOAs are a different story. Those we send to our warehouse for assessment of what they'll credit to us. I know Rogers Plus stores will sell phones outright at roughly half price if they were returned (in resellable condition). Which is why I'm going to be scoping them out for an HTC One when it's released lol
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Jonathan I wrote:

Depends on the carrier and the store. Mobile Shop doesn't do that. Return phones must be in resel...

Do you need to be a rogers customer to take advantage of that?
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Just like buying a new car is rarely a good financial decision, a good used phone is often a good choice. Lots of nice unlocked phones on eBay and even if you had to pay an additional $5 - $15 to unlock it, meh... With my previous carrier I was paying for extra insurance but it soon got to the point that a phone exactly like mine on eBay would pay off quickly from the savings of not having to pay for the insurance. Phone dies, just move the SIM card to the other one.
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I've had two refurbished phones both have been excellent.
Thanks for your answers!