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Return/ exchange policy. Start date for Koodo at The Mobile Shop if waiting for phone transfer (now 10 days)

Wanted to clarify when the return 15 day window starts.
Nov 23, I ordered & paid for new Pixel 3 at The Mobile Shop but had to be sent from another store, on Vancouver Island. So my receipt & bill of sale was issued then.
Dec 3rd & phone is still not here.
Fortunately, I'm in no rush my old Nexus is still working but...

I don't plan to return the phone but would appreciate reasonable amount of time to test everything and make sure it's working without resorting to warranty coverage (which can send a refurbished unit).

The policy seems to have both purchase date & activation. Presumably my purchase date is Nov 23 but since i don't have the phone i'm guessing it's not yet activated?

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It is typically 15 days from purchase, but I would check with the Mobile Shop since the phone would be returned to them. They can always process a Return and re-sell to you at the pick up date to preserve the return window