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Retailers NOT able to add activation credit

Okay so the iphone 6 has a 175 activation credit. When visiting Best Buy, and 2 other retailers... they advised that "they cannot apply the activation credit. Only a Koodo booth can do that..." Is this actually true? Can someone let me know how they can access this type of credit?

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The credit isn't something you receive off your bill or anything. It's just a discount on the phone upfront when buying it on the tab. Best Buy will sell you the phone for the same price as Koodo, if not less (during sales, etc)
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They should have the same process. I did at Mobile Shop when Koodo first started doing activation credits way back when the Nexus 5 was released for someone who took it on Tab M. It will show either during the activation flow or afterwards on the agreement. Retailers just can't do certain things like unlocking phones through the Koodo channel and most of them don't have prepaid.
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I can also confirm that retailers have access to the exact same prices.
It comes off the price of the phone automatically and is shown on the paperwork you sign at the end of the transaction.
They don't even have to put any extra buttons or anything it's just there.
Is the activation credit for new customers only or everyone
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Christopher Todd Lockett wrote:

Is the activation credit for new customers only or everyone

It's for both. Only bonus.gifts are for new customers only.