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Requiring urgent assistance! Account hacked and transfered without permission

  • 12 December 2020
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I have received two text messages from 611 number advising me of the change of pin I did not request. It was followed by a text message from 83585 number advising me of my account transfer. I no longer have access to the network, and of course all the calling centers are now closed.

Not counting on much help here, but I think that Koodo should get its you-know-what together. 

4 replies

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@breadfish Pls call the porting center to put a stop to the unauthorized port 1-844-232-7678  and reverse the process.  Pls update your password on your online account and for anything else as a precaution. 

Thanks Bernard. Wish that such lines were open 24/7, because now I have to wait another 10 hours of someone using my number unauthorized.. 

Also, there is no way to update my Koodo password, because my Profile page is now blank. 

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In a similar post, there was mention that Koodo could “freeze” the request.