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hello, i received a samsung galaxy note phone when i signed up for monthly $200.00 unlimited plan. Great phone but it alwaus freezez. have to re start it or remove the battery and re insert. will i be able to exchange this phone for another samsung like the s 3

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Hi Saleem, If you do want to change your phone, you would need to pay an extra fee. However, if you received the phone and it still hasn't been 15 days or so, I think you can change it to another phone or something like that. (Not so sure:)
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If the phone is less than 12 months old, it can be repaired under warranty. The mfgr will not swap your phone for another model. Freezing is not a frequently commented problem with the Note. You could try backing up your data and then contacting tech support at 1-866-995-6636 from another phone. They could talk you through a factory reset or give you other alternatives, especially if you are no longer under warranty. The SD memory card could also be suspect. I bought a 64 GB from Amazon a while back and there was chatter regarding a certain batch of cards causing a freeze. A potential solution might be to run the phone for a while without the SD card to see if it still freezes. ========= If you see a reply you like, please give it a star.