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Remaining minutes/data moved to next months plan

Thank you for reviewing my idea, here it is:

Every month is different, sometimes I will go over my data usage or sometimes I will barely use data. This is also relevant to my calling minutes, sometimes I will go over or be way under my limit. Since I am paying for this un-used data and these un-used minutes I feel like the data and minutes that are remaining should be added to the next months plan. For example if I only used 200 MB out of 250 MB I would have and extra 50 MB for the next month. And the same for calling minutes. 

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You aren't actually paying for those minutes or megabytes, only the ability to use them if you desire. Koodo relies on the fact that the average 250MB plan customer uses, say, an average of 150MB each month and the rest goes unused, and prices things accordingly. If you want minutes/data that roll over, they'd have to increase the price of the plan so they wouldn't lose revenue and increase bandwidth usage. Not to mention the lost overage revenues!